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This guy, my boss for over a decade, always complained that he couldn’t write. Well, I believe he’s proven himself wrong with this post. I’m so lucky to have such a fantastic friend and mentor! Lots of love and respect to you Bill! ❤️ Tricia

25 years ago I took a risk and bought a small retail store from Ed Carr in Ouray CO and convinced my girlfriend to follow me to this small town of 900 people in the mountains. It’s been a great ride and now it’s time to pass the torch to Tricia Eischied as she becomes the new owner of Ouray Mountain Sports. Perhaps my best decision I made was hiring this smart, young, hard working carney over 13 years ago. She has been an instrumental part in the success of the store and we have become amazing partners and best friends. I am happy that she will continue to provide the same level of service and knowledge to our customers as she is as familiar to our customers as I am. We have an amazing staff that will make this transition smooth and seamless. I got into this industry after living most of my 20’s in Durango being a ski bum and river guide. I was offered a job at Alpine Hut in KC by Creighton Hart the owner who liked my outdoor resume. I worked there 8 years while I studied to get into medical school where I was rejected twice. My decision to pivot and remain in the outdoor biz was the defining moment of my life. I have loved every minute of it. The people I have met, the relationships I’ve formed with my customers, the reps and the opportunity to live in the most awesome town has left the biggest impact on me. I am forever grateful to all of you. Thank you so, so much.
I look forward to living more of the lifestyle I have been selling for so long. I plan to ski, hike, climb, paddle, row and drive old vintage Landcruisers. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. And as for those friends of mine who need a belayer, boatman or ski partner, look me up. I’m available. Cheers.-Bill Leo