Ouray Rock Climbing

Climbing Areas Around Ouray

Ouray offers a little bit of everything for the rock climber over its 150+ rock climbing routs: sport, trad, mixed and even summer dry-tooling for the out-of-season ice enthusiast. Our local rock is just as varied with solid quartzite, blocky sandstone, and crumbly tuff to keep things interesting. Below are some of our favorite areas in and around town to climb. When you are climbing around Ouray, definitely refer to our local professional guide services and the local guidebook. 


Rotary Park The City of Ouray maintains this beautiful park just one mile north of Ouray. This is fun sport and trad practice climbing area for the whole family with safe, easy and accessible single pitch climbs. The park also offers convenient public facilities and a great picnic spot under huge cottonwood trees.

 The Pool Wall
The Pool Wall encompasses the steep rock cliffs in a mini-amphitheater just east of the Ouray Hot Springs Pool. This area features Ouray's highest quantity of routes and one of the shortest approaches. Climbs here are mostly single-pitch sport routes ranging from 5.5 to 5.13+. You’ll be entertaining pool customers while you’re up there, too, since many of the climbs are in full view of the Ouray Hot Springs Pool.